What are the Different Types and Common Applications of Stainless Steel Wire

Common Applications of Stainless Steel Wire

Common Applications of Stainless Steel Wire – Stainless Steel Wire is the most commonly used mesh today across varied industries. Over the years, this terminology across the industries have evolved, concerning three following terms, the wire cloth, the wire mesh, and wire fabric. All these three words are now used in today’s industry in an interchangeable manner, but it refers to the same product. With Stainless Steel Wire Mesh or simply mesh many different products can be designed and it is used across different industries for a variety of applications. Below you will come across Stainless Steel Wire Uses in different industries and before moving let us first know the types of Stainless Steel Wire available out there.

Types of Stainless Steel Wire!

The Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is designed with Stainless Steel Wire and it can either be knitted, woven or welded based on its application and size of the wire. The most common is the woven Stainless Steel Wire and they are designed in a variety of weaving patterns and techniques depending upon the applications. Some of the different types of weaving methods used in Stainless Steel Wire mesh are plain weave, Dutch weave, and twill Dutch weave.

Knitted Stainless Steel Wire mesh is another common type which has finer wire sizes. The loop structure of the mesh gives it flexibility and springiness, enabling it to be crimped and compressed to change it properties for specific uses.

Applications of Stainless Steel Wire

Household Applications

There are a variety of home appliances and utensils which are designed using Stainless Steel Wire because this material is food compatibility and resistance to a variety of corrosion. Apart from its application in interior decoration, it is also used for a variety of other household applications either in straightened cut lengths, shaped part or wire mesh.

Cookware utensils, cooking and storage products, electronic appliances and more are designed using Stainless Steel Wire.

Interior Decoration

Stainless Steel Wire is also widely used in interior decoration because of the modernity of the material and the widespread production increasing the annual rate of over 5%. It is also commonly used in interior decoration because of its optimal formability and its capability to be put in mesh through knitting, crimping and weaving and wire cable form via stranding. However, the Stainless Steel Wire used for interior decoration is different and hence the price also varies depending upon the grade of the steel. This you may check online with different suppliers and retailers.

General decoration of interiors, restaurants and upscale shops, and home decoration and furnishing are some of the areas where it is widely used and you may check with Micro Wire Mesh India to learn about different types of Stainless Steel Wire that are used for different application in interior designing.

Food Processing

Stainless Steel Wire is the generic stainless steel product and hence you will find its common applications in food processing. It was in use for many years in all food processing and storage equipment. Its ability to resist corrosion make it is the ultimate choice for food contact, but a perfect grade of Stainless Steel Wire is required to be used depending upon the food for which it will be used. There are different grades in Stainless Steel Wire and the Steel Wire Price Per Ton varies depending upon the steel grade. Industrial food processing, professional food processing and more are the domains where Stainless Steel wires are used commonly.

Automobile Applications

Stainless Steel Wire is also popularly used in the automobile industry as it has mechanical and corrosion resistance ability and this makes it the popular choice to be used in the automobile industry. Despite the higher Stainless Steel Wire Panels Price in India than regular steels, they are increasingly used and expected to increase in the coming years. Automobile fasteners exhaust line, silencer steel wool, airbag safety system, and windshield wipers are some of the products which comprise of Stainless Steel Wire.

Aerospace Applications

Stainless Steel Wire is the modern material with the ability to resist corrosion and due to this fact, it is widely used in aerospace and aeronautic domains. Stainless Steel Wire, wire mesh and wire ropes are commonly found in many important parts of aircraft and also used in areas of fasteners, aircraft cables and more.

So, these were some of the common applications of Stainless Steel Wire and when it comes to buying it in India ensure to look at the online Stainless Steel Wire Price India to grab the cheaper deals and save some money.