Wire Mesh Filters

Wire Mesh Filters Manufacturers India

Wire mesh filter has a greater number of finer wires in the shute direction and is woven in both plain and twill weave patters. It is normally rated by the size particle it will retain, either as the absolute micron rating or the nominal micron rating, expressed in microns.
Filter wire cloth is utilized as filter fittings for chemical industry, medicine, petroleum, telecommunication, scientific research units etc.

Plastic And Rubber Extruders

Quality is one of the prime & most concern factors when it comes to supplying Stainless Steel Extruder Screen. These SS Extruder Screen is variable applicable in most of the industries.

Multi Mesh Circular Wire Mesh

Multilayer Wire Mesh Circle ( Multilayer Extruder Screen Pack) is use in very fine and thin extrusion process for high quality Petrochemical, Plastic, Rubber, Chemical, Aeronautic industries & also in water treatment plant, food processing industries.
We used specialized tools and cutting dies to produce a wide range of extruder screens in different sizes. We manufacture multi circular mesh screen with welding as well as with & without selvage. Stainless steel and plain steel wire mesh can weld together. This type of extruder screen is normally useful for fine extrusion meant for prevention of impurities. It makes extrusion more clean and clear.

Circular Filters

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Circle will be available in all dimensions. We can deliver stainless steel wire Mesh Cut Circle as per your specific dimensions and requirements. Such cut circles are applicable to industries like pipe, plastic carry bags manufacturing units.

Spin pack filter

Spin filter pack made of several layers of woven wire cloth. These layers are bonded together at the edges where they are virtually free from pores. It prevents with great efficiency any horizontal melt leakage from the filter screen. Wire mesh disc, screen cylinder is widely used in plastic extruder and screen changer. Filter mesh belt is used in continuous screen changer for endless filtration .