Knitted Wire Mesh

Knitted Wire Mesh Manufacturers

Micro Mesh India is a reputed Knitted Wire Mesh Manufacturers in India. Knitted wire mesh is a metal wire or plastic strand knitted into a mesh structure in very much the same way as stockings or sweaters. Knitting produces mesh of interlocking loops. These loops can move relative to each other in the same plane without distorting the mesh, giving knitted mesh a two-way stretch. Knitted mesh can be crimped or compressed to alter characteristics for specific applications.Stainless steel knitted wire mesh offers excellent property such as corrosion resistance, alkali and acid resistance, long service life, rust resistance and heat resistance. As a result of these features, it finds popular uses in auto parts and other engineering applications and makes us one of the most credible Knitted Wire Mesh Manufacturers in India.

Compressed knitted mesh

Compressed knitted mesh can be produced into various forms like cylindrical, round disc, ring, oval, rectangle, bottle-shaped, etc. Compressed knitted mesh can be used in high temperature applications and has excellent filtering capabilities. Therefore, it can be used as air and liquid filtration materials. It has a high resistance to corrosion and temperature resistance.

Ginning knitted mesh

Ginning knitted mesh is ginned by the special technology so as to roll into a variety of corrugated shape by machine with gears. It is widely used in various industries, such as automobile, electronic, aviation, military, commercial, industrial consumer goods, telecommunications, medical, test equipment and accessories industry etc.

Copper/Tin Knitted mesh

Copper Tin Knitted Mesh

Copper/Tin Knitted Mesh is a wire fabric, which is made by a high quality circular knitted machine by the experts. The process includes knitting of various knitted material wires into a sleeve of continuous stocking of inter-linked wire loops. We deliver superb quality and quantity as per our client’s expectations.

Knitted wire mesh demister pad

Knitted wire mesh demister pad is also known as mist eliminator or sprays. Knitted wire mesh demister pad is supplied in standard, high efficiency and high permeability. Demister Pads are essentially porous blankets of carefully knitted wire mesh designed and constructed to efficiently abate mist particles. Special features are: Simple structure, light, less pressure drop, big surface, high demisting efficiency, easy installation, operation and maintenance and long service life and are widely used in Chemical, petroleum, sulfate, medicine, light industry, metallurgy, machine, building, construction, aviation, shipping and environment protection.
Common Knit Materials
Stainless Steel (300 and 400 series) ,Plain Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Inconnel