Different types of vibrating screens and their uses

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Vibrating screens are used to separate materials of different sizes in various types of industries. Different types of vibrating screens have different functions and are formed with different materials. These screens are usually used to separate powders, solids, and liquids. Most of the vibrating screens are used in filtration and screening processes. You can find different types of vibrating screens being used in different industries. Some of the options are listed below for your reference-

Horizontal screen: As the name suggests, these screens are horizontal and lie parallel to the ground. The horizontal screen is one of the most unique vibrating screens that comes with many benefits. Its design is what makes it special. The working angle of the vibrating screens has a huge influence on the time they take and how they filter. While most of the vibrating screens work on a 15-30 degree angle, this type of vibrating screen has a 0-5 degree working angle. The horizontal vibrating screen comes with two vibrating motors that are fixed in two opposite directions. This formation enables the smooth functioning of the screen. The horizontal screen has a high fluid capacity and many applications too. Horizontal screens are mainly used in the chemical industry and mining industries too.

Linear Vibrating Screen: This type of vibrating screen is mainly used in filtration processes. The linear vibrating screens are very useful as they have high efficiency and low noise. The size and design of these screens can be altered according to the production size and requirement. This vibrating screen works best in multitasking as it can classify and transport materials at the same time. These are highly efficient screen types that have many industrial uses. In chemical industries, they are used to classify pigments like resin, grease, and paint. Apart from the chemical industry, they are also used in the paper industry, food industry, metallurgical processes, and much more.

Inclined screen: This is the most fundamental type of vibrating screen that is fixed at the normal angle of 15-30 degrees. They are composed of eight basic components that are – exciter, electric motor, motor console, spring, spring supports, sidewalls, decks, and screening media. All these components are assembled with the help of a nut and bolt. The strong combination makes this screen more durable and strong. This type of vibrating screen is also used in the filtering processes.

Banana Vibrating screen: This name is given to a vibrating screen that looks like a banana and works on linear motion. This type of vibrating screen is known for having a very high screening efficiency and large processing capacity. A Banana vibrating screen is very important for industrial purposes and makes up a piece of very durable machinery for separating items. It is mostly used to classify large and medium-sized items. This type of screen is mainly used in the mining industry. It is used to classify iron ore and gold. It also helps to classify coal powder and many other items as well. A banana vibrating screen is also used in dewatering and desliming substances too. You can find a banana vibrating screen being used for the classification of hard rocks and limestone as well.

Flip Flop Vibrating screen: Many industries prefer to screen materials in bulk. At times these powders and materials that are to be screened are damp, coarse and even delicate. In such cases, a flip-flop vibrating screen works the best. This type of screen has a very low operating cost and is also very low maintenance machinery. It has a very compact and modular structure. This vibratory screen uses both linear and circular working motion to add up to the versatility, This type of machine is widely used in the mining industry. You can find the Flip-Flop Vibrating screen being used in the iron mine, tin mine, tungsten mine plants. It is used to improve the recycling rate in the mineral processing industry. It is not only used in the classification of the products but can also be used in the grinding and screening of impurities from the metals.

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