What is Mining Screen and Its Different Types?

Mining Screen

Mining Screens are the tough, simple and effective screens that are designed to maximize the production yield and maintenance efficiency in the mining industry. There is a comprehensive range of mining screen systems available out there that can add value to the mineral beneficiation processes in iron ore, coal, copper, gold, zinc, lead, phosphate, gravel, sand, bauxite and more. The Mining Screen designs include different aperture and fixing systems and you will find different Mining Screen at Best Price in India which can be used for different applications. Let us have a close look at the different types of Mining Screen systems and their application.

Dewatering Screens

This is the type of inclined mechanical screener that has one single express purpose and this is to deliver a drip-free aggregate to the output stage. This screen comes with a counter-rotating motor that can generate linear motion to move the solid particles forward and funnel the muddy slurry into channels. This type of Mining Screen is mainly used for dewatering, scrubbing, rinsing, de-gritting wet aggregates.

Grizzly Screens

This is the type of Mining Screen where primary screening of blasted rock passes across and the coarse particles cross parallel to steel rails and bars, moving at 20-30 degrees in inclination. This is the mechanism which is installed between the primary feeding mechanism and crusher. The heavy-duty design of the screen focuses on extreme wear resistance as well as inline flow build and this supports in scalping. This mining screen is designed with manganese steel and some of the other important high impact alloys.

Double and Single Deck Linear Screening

This is the type of Mining Screen that comprises all characteristics of workhorse performer and horizontal screens and it uses a variety of swappable screen media attachments with different aperture planning. The linear motion generated in the screen is from the twin pair eccentrically mounted motors that can sort out the specific particles via one or more decks. This is the screen that is perfect for size separation and conveyance roles and also for jobs where there is the need of separating tiny particles of 45 microns grains and it can also perform well for 300mm chunks of rock, especially when proper screen media is used.

Banana Screens

This is the new and innovative type of Mining Screen that makes use of sloping decks to offer purported twofold or threefold productivity advantages over the other conventional Mining Screens. The only possible drawback associated with this screen is that it needs different aperture sizing on each screen panel and hole sizes to need to be different according to the change of the particulate angle as the particulate matter experiences as it is moved by vibratory action across the mechanism.

These were some of the core screen models that are used as Mining Screens and it has a variety of applications. By adding different diversity to the designs it can be extended in applications too. Some of these screens are also used in manufacturing facilities and the size of the motor varies depending upon the industry where it is being used. Modifications can be included in the screen depending upon the mining applications and the oscillation speed of the motor can also be changed or altered like the media screen. You must always look for abrasion-resistant polyurethane screen panels, slotted woven wire panel, stainless steel rectangular mesh screens, Micro Wire Mesh screens and more. There are also client set screens available to swap out and enhance the versatility of each screening mechanism.

Where to Find Best Mining Screens?

Well, there are many manufacturers across India that deals in Vibrating Screens, including Mining Screen. But not all manufacturers or suppliers ensure to deliver you the best results and Mining Screen at affordable prices. So, it is necessary that you also check for the quality and reputation of the supplier prior to making a purchasing decision. You must avoid setting with the inferior supplier of the Mining Screen.

The reputed and reliable manufacturer can deliver you Mining Screen at Best Price in India. To get the affordable pricing, you need to compare the rates and deals of all suppliers available out there. This way you can find cheaper deals and save lots of money on Mining Screens.