Importance of the Vibrating Screens in the current Industries

Importance of Vibrating Screens

Vibrating screens are one of the crucial screening equipment that are mainly used in industries like mineral processing. These are used so as to split feeds that contain crushed ores and solids to 200μm in size approximately with no regard to the moisture content in the feed. It can break down dry as well as wet feeds. The screen’s vibrational frequency is controlled mainly with the help of an electromagnetic vibrator that is mounted on the top and is connected directly to the screening surface. The various types of vibrating screens are as follows:

High frequency screens

These screens are engineered specifically to be able to provide higher and efficient production capacities when compared to the conventional vibrating screens. The high frequency of these screens is achieved by the direct application of aggressive vibration and this helps in the highly efficient removal of fine material along with chip sizing and dry manufactured sand. Unlike the other types of vibrating screens, the vibromotors are directly mounted on each deck in high frequency screens.The vibration is applied aggressively to the screen media within a range of 3500 – 5000 RPM. This enables more efficient and higher capacity sizing on comparison to the conventional vibrating screens. A smaller bed depth will be achieved because of the high frequency vibration and this enables a great screening efficiency and stratification.

Banana Screen

These are also called as multi-slope screens and are able to attain highly efficient throughput per screen area. These screens have high velocity, low bed depth, high capacity and might include a number of deck slopes ranging from two to six with angles varying from 45o to the horizontal of final slope. The vibrations in these screens are driven by a vibromotor placed on top of the screen. The vibrator section of the screen is split into segments and this causes the linear motion generated by the motor to speed up the material at varying rates at each deck.The highly inclined feed section of these screens permits material flow at high velocity, which in turn, aids in the swift removal of fine material. The varying slopes in these vibrating screens might also incorporate deck media with varying sizes of apertures so as to aid in the processing requirements.

Dewatering Screen

These screens have been engineered to allow the drainage of slurry and to decrease the moisture content of the material. These screens have a pair of vibromotors, a console for the vibrators, and a screening body. The surface of the screen is inclined so as to facilitate drainage. These screens have a working speed ranging between 1000 – 1500 RPM. The pair of counter-rotate, creating linear vibrations which, in turn, cause the screen body to vibrate together. This causes the water in the slurry material to be drained and flow through the bottom of the screening surface. Water from the drainage is pooled in the valley and caused the sand to build upon the surface.

Grizzly Screen

There are many coarse materials which are using screened using an inclined screen known as the grizzly screen. These can be distinguished by parallel steel bars or rails that are placed at a fixed distance isolated. They are installed in line with the flow of the material. The gap between these bars are generally greater than 50mm, can exceed till 300m, with a feed size of almost 1m. These vibrating grizzly screens are typically inclined at an angle of 20 degrees, and these have a circular or linear throw mechanism.

Vibrating Screen Manufacturers

Mentioned below are the vibrating screen manufacturers who are quite renowned and well known in their industry. They have immense expertise in this field and they ensure the best quality product and give comprehensive technical solutions. They have a qualified team of engineers and technicians, assisted by Modern IT infrastructure. They aim to meet the needs of the customer on time.

  1. Mirant Xinxiang Machinery Co. LTD
  2. Bhalani Industries ( simplify your needs)
  3. Russell Finex Group
  4. Hewitt Robins International Limited
  5. UMA engineers
  6. Amarshiva engineering company
  7. Match equipment
  8. Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd
  9. Excel Magnetics (Magnets and Vibrating equipment)
  10. BuildMate

Wire Mesh Manufacturers

The companies mentioned below are well- known wire mesh manufacturers of India. The meshes are one of the major components in highly complex processes, both in industries and the field of research and development. The industries where wire mesh conveyor belts is used- forging, food processing, heat treatment, foundry, ceramics, glass, furnace, automotive, etc.

  1. BOPP. CO. AG
  2. Bharat wire mesh CO.
  3. Precision Eforming
  4. Weave Tech Engineers
  5. Wire Netting stores
  6. Micron Enterprises PVT limited
  7. GSR India
  8. Sieves and Filter Corporation
  9. Screen Station
  10. Varsa Wire Netting India