All you need to know about different vibrating screen types and their features

vibrating screen

Vibrating screens make up an important part of various industries. They are durable and efficient machines that help to classify and filter powders, liquids, and solids. They are primarily used in screening and filtering processes. Different types of Vibrating screens are used to filter different types of materials. The basic concepts of a vibrating screen involve their rotational movements. And screen types. Here’s a list of all the common vibrating screen types along with their applications.

Rotary vibrating screen: This type of vibrating screen is used in many different industries. You can find it being used in the food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and many more. A Rotary vibrating screen has a closed structure and comes with high screening capability and precision. This vibrating screen can be used to separate all kinds of foods and chemicals. It is composed of very durable and anti-corrosive material and you can expect it to have a long-lasting service life. The rotary vibrating screen is built in such a way that it has a closed structure. This type of formational structure helps to keep the surroundings clean while carrying out the filtration process. This type of screen is also used to process waste like food effluent, wastewater processing, and much more.

Ultrasonic Vibrating screen: This type of screen is made from stainless steel. It is the main reason why it has anti-corrosive properties and high durability. This type of screen is mainly used for filtering the waste liquor for further use. It works best for separating solids from waste products. An ultrasonic Vibrating screen is used to mainly separate different particles into groups according to their sizes. Because it is composed of stainless steel, it does not react with the chemicals, and thus is it widely used in separating chemicals. Apart from the chemical industry, you can find this type of screen being used in the metallurgical industry, medicine industry, and food industry. This type of screen comes with an auto-clean surface and so you can expect an easy operation.


Linear Vibrating Screen: This type of vibrating screen has a simple structure that is very easy to operate.  It has a low power consumption rate and the output that you receive is huge. It can be used in different customizations. You can use it for single screening and multi-layer screening as well. This type of screen is often used in fertilizing carbon. It comes with a good sealing structure that does not let the dust particles escape from it.  It is very easy to install and use. And you can find it in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and building industry commonly. A linear vibrating screen mainly works in classifying granules and powders into different categories.

Gyratory Vibrating Screen: This type of vibrating screen is mainly used for filtration processes. You can find it in almost every type of industry. It is used to remove all types of impurities from powders, solids, and liquids. This is a very powerful vibrating screen type that comes with a long screening life. It has a durable and sturdy design which makes it serviceable for long periods. The gyratory vibrating screen is mainly used in filtering, grading, and purification purposes. You can find its application in different industries. It is one of the fastest and safest ways to purify liquids and solids.

Square Gyratory screen: It is high-efficiency screening equipment usually suitable for screening and filtering purposes. Its applications can be found in many industries. From the food industry to the chemical industry, you can find it being applied for filtration purposes everywhere. It is useful for both dry and wet screening. This type of screen works in both linear and parabolic motion and so the screening movement has high accuracy rates. It has a long service life. This type of screen is composed of highly durable material and it does not usually react with moisture, thus giving an anti-corrosive body as well. This vibrating screen comes with different motion modes to meet the customer requirements. It can be customized to suit the purpose as well. It has a balanced and easy-to-clean structure. You can find it being used in the chemical, food, metallurgical, and pharma industry.

Chemical Vibrating Screen: This type of vibrating screen is mainly used to classify materials like resins, cosmetic coatings, pigments, and much more. It is used mainly in screening and classification tasks. It is one of the most durable and workable screens that you can find anywhere. A chemical Vibrating Screen works best to solve the sieving difficulties such as high adsorption and easy clustering. It works best to separate very small particles from the mixture. It comes with a spill-proof design that is very durable and bears high temperatures. It is best known to separate microparticles which are otherwise very difficult to classify. The best feature of this product is that the machine’s temperature does not rise during work. This ability makes it one of the best vibrating screens available.

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