What is stainless steel wire used for?

When you think of stainless steel wire, a traditional and stereotypical barbed wire fence may come to mind.  But stainless steel wire has much wider applications than this!  “Ok so what is stainless steel wire used for?  I am curious to know now that I am reading this!”  The various applications of stainless steel wire are discussed further in this article, so read on to learn more!

How strong is stainless steel wire?

“It sounds like you are describing stainless steel wire to be the ‘next greatest thing since sliced bread,’ but I want to know how strong it is.”  The answer to your question, “How strong is stainless steel wire?” is extremely strong.  Its high molecular weight and high density polyethylene composition make it that way.  Stainless steel wire has a wide variety of commercial and industrial uses for this reason.  Another added plus of stainless steel wire is that it doesn’t rust easily because it is an alloy of various durable metals.  Many industrial owners love this fact about stainless steel wire.

How much does stainless steel wire cost?

“It’s great to hear that stainless steel wire is very strong and is the metal of choice for many businesses and engineering operations.  I am thinking of using stainless steel wire to fence out my backyard.  What is stainless steel wire price?”  It’s time to be honest when providing this answer because stainless steel wire is not cheap.  High quality stainless steel wire can easily cost more than $300 a ream, but its durability and flexibility make it the preferred metal for many because these factors help them recoup their initial expenses.

“What can stainless steel wire be used for?

“Wow, if stainless steel wire will easily set me back $300 a ream, I am kind of skeptical about buying it.  I do wonder what stainless steel wire uses are.  I may buy it if I can see that using it will benefit me!  The answer is, ‘Stainless steel wire has many applications.  That’s why businesses, engineering operations, and factories love and use it so much!”  Stainless steel wire is used in tools doctors use to operate on people and diagnose them.  If you visit the dentist, and ask him or her what her tools are made of, he or she will likely reply , “stainless steel wire!”  The fact that it is long lasting and does not rust easily makes it the material of choice for those who make cars, spacecraft and satellites, and jewelry, among others.  Therefore you should not hesitate to use stainless steel wire for your fence.  You will be glad you did since the initial investment will more than pay for itself!’

“What sizes do stainless steel wire come in?”

“It’s great to know that many people love stainless wire, but I want to be economical since it is very expensive.  What sizes do stainless steel wire come in?”  The most common size for stainless steel is stainless steel 3mm.  Go online and you will find international wholesalers like Mirco wire mesh selling high quality stainless steel wire for a fraction of the price of their western counterparts.  This size of stainless steel is the most durable form and that is the reason why it is so popular!

Applications for stainless steel wire

“I am still on the fence about using stainless steel wire for my fence.  I would be more convinced if I knew more about its applications!”  You should definitely use stainless steel wire for your fence because of its strength, rust resistant properties, and durability.  If you install a stainless steel wire fence, it will be the last fence you will ever install and you will never need to repair it! You should know that a common application for stainless steel wire is stainless steel wire mesh panelsThese are commonly referred to as ‘stainless steel welded wire mesh’ because of their nature.  They are used in buildings, animal cages, construction of buildings, and security devices largely because of their long-lasting and flexible nature.

You have convinced me…

“Well, you have convinced me.  I will use stainless steel wire for my fence.  It’s obvious that it will be a wise investment on my part in spite of its higher price!  Thank you for this information about stainless steel wire, I really appreciated it!”