The Most Common And Popular Uses of Welded Wire Fence

welded wire fence

The most popular type of fence used for securing a property is welded wire fencing which is the chain-link fence that offers more security and safety. It comprises of wire strands made out of stainless steel that is welded electrically together to create a strong mesh. This welded fence has become quite a popular choice in fencing because of its strength, low maintenance requirements and high functionalities. The Welded Wire Fence is designed by layering several wires in a vertical or horizontal pattern, forming rectangular or square spaces. This pattern gives the fencing more strength and durability. There are many different applications of welded wire mesh, of which some common uses are discussed below.

Protection of Garden

If you are a homemaker, then probably you know how challenging and difficult it is to grow and maintain a home garden. Small animals and intruders keep on digging the garden to steal the vegetables and plants. So, protecting the garden becomes quite essential and this can be done easily with the use of a welded fence made out of stainless steel wires. Place a stake at each corner of the garden and take the measurement properly and put the posts in it and ensure to maintain equal distance apart from each post.

If large animals are not an issue for your garden, then you may keep the fence height up to 4-5 feet. With such a low height in fencing, you don’t have to worry about leaving the garden space for a gate. Now you need to cut the sections of the fencing and attach it to installed posts. But, ensure to bury the fence at least 2-3 feet deeper to prevent the animals from digging or burrowing the way into your home garden. You will find different patterns and designs of Welded Wire Mesh in Delhi which you may choose as per your preference and need.

Pool Fencing

People who reside in semi-rural or rural regions often complain that their swimming pools are encroached by cats, dogs, moose, deer, and other pets at home. So, to keep the critters away from the pool you must build a fence of 6 feet height using the best-welded wire fences. To do it the right way you need to follow certain instructions.

You first need to decide how much space you want to fence around your pool and then stake at four corners. Now you have to take measurements to know how much-welded wire fences you would require and where to install the pasts. Ensure to maintain a distance of 8 feet from one post to another. Dig holes from fence posts and dig about 1-foot deep trench in between the posts so that the bottom of the fence can be buried. Put the posts in place and fill holes with concrete. Now you have to cut the wire fence and start putting the fence in designated sections. Ensure to make a gate or some opening for you to access the pool.

Building Tool Cage

If you are having kids at home and lots of dangerous and sharp tools hanging all around, then ensure to build a tool cage in corner of the garage or shed using the welded wire fencing. You need to determine how much space you desire and take the proper measurement in corners and then use 2×4s to frame the complete area for tool cage. Including a door in the frame is necessary and once you are done with the frame you need to cut welded wire fencing in sections to make the fencing manageable. Now screw or drill the fencing and attach a locking system and start moving in your tools. Contact the Wire Mesh Manufacturers to know the different options available in welded wire fencing for building cage tools.

Apart from these applications, the welded wire fences are also used as an animal fence, security fence, window fence and also as road and tail fence. You will see many industries today using this kind of fences for their warehouses and also for securing their machineries and tools. The Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturer deals in a variety of wire mesh for different applications and you may even custom design the wire mesh as per your preferences and needs. The rates also vary which you may compare online to get the best deals possible and save money on welded wire fencing.