Value of Knitted Wire Mesh

Knitted Wire Mesh

The wire mesh is one of the most important and most widely used material in today’s industry. It’s practically impossible to find an industry today that doesn’t use wire mesh in one or several applications.  The mesh is basically a net that is made up of inter linked strands that are made up of metal, fiber or any material that is flexible or ductile. The main reason is the fact that it is incredibly versatile, and with just minor tweaks its applications become almost limitless, be it processing, manufacturing, food processing the wire mesh has become an important part irrespective of the type of industry.

The knitted wire mesh is one of the minor tweaks and it happens during the manufacturing of the mesh, specifically it deals with the way that the strands are inter linked and this gives it many unique attributes. The mesh is made similar to the way clothes are woven from strands of thread and the technique is similar to that of stitching only more complex but the base underlying principle remains the same. Various materials are used to give it various properties for example stainless steel is used when High acid and alkali resistance is needed along with resistance to high temperature, copper is used when shielding is required along with corrosion and resistance to dust, galvanized wire for applications where the load is high and polymers for light weight applications. It is broadly classified into 3 categories based on the materials used namely

There are several knitted wire mesh manufacturers in Delhi namely, Tiger Wire Mesh, Varada Manufacturing Co and many more thanks to the ever-growing demand. All these companies have been steadily expanding thanks to the ever-increasing demand of wire mesh. The applications have been branching out lately into the liquid- gas filtration, shielding in electronics, mist eliminators, knitted balls that are used for cleaning and many more. It is also used in safety nets and as cost effective but reliable fencing in restricted areas, as reinforcement in concrete structures that heavily rely on Micro mesh. One of the largest consumers is India because of its sizable increase in industries.

Another classification could be on the fact whether the wires used are flat or round. The flat is not that widely used except in special case whereas the round wires are commonly used. The style of weaving can also be changed to fit the use like the circular knitted ones that can be used in filtration. More layers can be pressed in to make the mesh make it more porous to help with finer filtration like gas or liquid. The above discussed is just scratching the surface when it comes to the potential applications.

The main advantages of using knitted wire mesh are-

  1. High Dexterity,
  2. Corrosion-resistant,
  3. highly durable

And doesn’t reduce the lifespan of the mechanical parts in contact as much and many more. All these has made it an inert part of the industry.

The microwire mesh in India has been steadily increasing because of this increase and companies have been researching and experimenting on new ways to manufacture to keep up with the demand.  There are companies of microwire mesh like Micro Mesh (India) PVT limited which is among the top companies of micro wire mesh. The increase in technology has allowed the manufacture of Nano-Wire meshes made of carbon which has revolutionized many aspects of the industry and continue thrive with technology.