Everything you need to know about expanded metals

Expanded Metals

Expanded metals are like wire meshes but with higher tensile strength. They have many industrial uses and expanded metals are most commonly used to make fences and barriers. You can purchase them from wire mesh suppliers and manufacturers. Expanded metals have many applications because of their excellent structure. They are anti-corrosive and have a high bear ability towards changing temperatures as well. Several properties make these metals excellent for different industrial purposes. Before we get to know about their uses let us understand their composition. This way we will be easily able to understand why they are widely used in various industrial areas. Expanded metals are composed when sheets of solid metals are stretched and slit forming a diamond-like shape. Different type of materials forms different types of expanded metals and thus they have distinct applications as well. Expanded metals come in different types and some of them are mentioned for your reference below.

Standard expanded metals:

When a metal press expands the metal, cuts it, and further stretches it, forming stripes that overlap each other in the shape of diamonds, expanded metal is manufactured. This one of the most ideal types of metal that you can come across. The diamond-like structure of this metal helps to maintain air circulation thus making it fit for fences and other areas. Regardless of how spacious the diamond-like structures are the expanded metal is very strong and durable. It does not break easily, is anti-corrosive, and powerful. They come in different weights and sizes. This type of metal can be utilized in making lockers, warehouses, and a lot more

Flattened expanded metals:

After the standard mesh is cut and mold into a diamond shape, it is passed through a cold rolling press to flatten it even more. When it is passed for the second time, the standard expanded metal turns into flattened expanded metal. It is called so because it has a smooth and leveled surface. This type of metal is best for ventilation and so it is used incaging, flooring, and sometimes fencing too. After the standard type of expanded metal, this is one of the most used types that you can commonly find being used. This type of metal can be used for walkways as it is very sturdy and durable. One main reason that they have a high tensile strength is that they have an open structure.

Expanded metal grating: 

This is an important type as well as the application of expanded metal. It is very sturdy and sleek and is usually used for heavy-duty tasks. You can find it being used for creating metal platforms, stairs, pedestrian areas, and a lot more. This type of expanded metal is formed just the way low carbon steel plates are formed. They have many applications because of their weight to strength ratio. They are undoubtedly durable, can bear high temperatures, and are quite slip-proof too. All these qualities make them extremely useful for various industries’ purposes. Expanded metal gratings can be found in the transport industries mostly.

Expanded wire mesh: This type of mesh is very high quality. When an expanded metal sheet is passed through an expanding machine a wire mesh is manufactured. This one of the most important types of meshes. Among all the other meshes, this is the best. It is known to be very durable and has high tensile strength too. Apart from that, you can expect that expanded wire meshes are comparatively lightweight and very airy. This property makes them cost-efficient as well. While other meshes are difficult to weld and could these type of meshes can be easily welded, this is one reason why these meshes require the least manpower and thus they are so cost-efficient too. These meshes are stronger and can be used to build walkways. You can find these meshes being used globally for ramps and fences.

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