Wire meshes make up one of the most important materials for all sorts of industrial purposes. Wire meshes come in different types of shapes and sizes and are best known for properties like anti-corrosive nature, high tensile strength, high durability and high bearability towards sudden temperature changes. There are several uses of wire meshes that can be seen in different places. Wire meshes are very useful and they are often used in different industries for different purposes. You can find them being used as fences, in metallurgical processes, in the mining industry, and even when filtering impurities out of the liquids. These meshes are composed when different types of wires are woven together, the type of wire mesh is determined by the kind of wire that is used and the way in which the wire is woven. There are several types of wire meshes that you can find online. One of the most used types is the knitted wire mesh. Knitted wire mesh is formed when stainless steel wires, copper or nickel wires are woven very closely just like a woolen sweater. They are very flexible in nature and have high durability too. These wires are known to have a very well-knit and strong structure and they have different applications according to the material of wire that has been used. Knitted wire meshes can be formed with stainless steel wire, alloy wire, brass wire, and many more. The knitted wire mesh is further divided into different types according to the knitting style and type of wire used.

Different types of knitted meshes are used for different purposes. To know more about them read through the applications mentioned below.

For chemical separation and filtration purposes: Knitted wire meshes have the perfect structure that can be used for filtering the liquids and separating chemicals. These meshes can be found in the chemical industry being used for filtering liquids and even gasses. These meshes are made from alloy wires and stainless steel wires. This is one main reason why they do not react with chemicals much and hence makeup as a good material for all types of filtration processes. These meshes can easily bear the chemicals and have anti-corrosive properties too. All these qualities tend to make these meshes a perfect material for chemical filtration processes.

As engine exhaust dampener: Knitted wire meshes have a high tolerance towards temperature change. They can easily survive in high temperatures and this is one main reason why these wire meshes are commonly used as dampeners. They are tightly packed together and can be used to dampen the mechanical engine exhaust. These wire meshes are made from excellent quality material and form the best solutions for extreme environmental conditions.

As flex joints: When temperature changes take place, ventilation systems with irregular ducts must be covered. With the change in temperature, the spaces increase and decrease as the cooling and heating are altered. Knitted wire meshes are woven in such a way that they make up a flexible structure. Above that, there are knitted wire mesh manufacturers in Delhi that offer customized sizes and shapes of knitted wire meshes. Thus they make up the perfect structure for making joints.

For muffling purposes: Knitted wire meshes are known to have high durability and have a very long life. Apart from that, they are very flexible in nature too. These meshes are also used in the automotive industry. They make up one of the best materials for muffing. A knitted wire muffler is composed of stainless steel wire or galvanized one. These mufflers are important and work best for noise reduction purposes. You can find them being used over the fasteners of pipes. They help to actively reduce the noise and even lessen the vibration in the exhaust pipes.

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