What are the Different Applications of Welded Wire Mesh!

Welded Wire Mesh

As the name goes, the Welded Wire Mesh is the pre-fabricated grid designed with low carbon or stainless steel wires. It is designed by straightening and welding the high quality carbon stainless steel wires together. It is widely used today just because of its fast production rate, simple and practical structure and easy to transport feature. You will find its application in building network reinforcement, supermarket shelving and breeding or nursery. The Welded Wire Mesh materials are welded perfectly at each interaction and this offers uniform and durable structure suitable for a variety of applications.

The Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturers today design different types of Welded Wire Mesh including:

Black iron mesh
Stainless steel mesh
Plastic mesh
Galvanized wire mesh and more with frame mesh

The most common material is the stainless steel Welded Wire Mesh which is available in a variety of thickness. Based on the size of the wires used for designing it and the opening and gap between the intersections, the Welded Wire Mesh can be sold either as flat panels or as rolls. The openings can be either square or in rectangular in shape. Below is the list of common uses of Welded Wire Mesh.

Storage and Racking

The primary use of Welded Wire Mesh is in construction field and you will see contractors using it for designing racking and storage for the warehouses and supermarkets. For designing the storage and racking for the warehouses, stainless steel Welded Wire Mesh is used as it enables higher durability despite the challenging environments. This Welded Wire Mesh can be used to beat the challenges that are linked with warehouse spaces exposure to environmental elements. It helps in keeping the racking and storage firmer despite buffeting from rain and wind.

Dividers for Rooms

In industries where machineries are heavily used round the clock to complete the complex works, it is necessary that proper separation is maintained between the machining applications. Today, industries and companies are using the Welded Wire Mesh for dividing small sections of machining and rooms for clients. Since the Welded Wire Mesh is known for higher durability and flexibility, it can easily be moved in and out of places as per the requirements within the workspace for the day.

Storage Locker

Facilities like police buildings and security agencies need highly secured storage lockers and many departments are now working with the Welded Wire Suppliers in India so as to integrate the wire mesh storage lockers in their facilities. Being highly durable and corrosion resistant, the Welded Wire Mesh offers higher value over all potential items for flexibility and ultimate customization options. Moreover, the durability and sturdiness of stainless steel material makes it the top choice for storage lockers to keep your personal belongings protected and secured.

Animal Retention

Today, most of the animal farms and pet sanctuary are making use of Welded Wire Mesh made out of stainless steel as it has the ability to alleviate the impacts that animals have to offer. So, it is highly used in the animal retention applications in different veterinary clinics, animal farms and pet sanctuary. You will also find its application for pest control in traps.


Welded Wire Mesh is considered to be the much cheaper security solutions for a home. It is highly durable and offers clear visibility, thereby making it the top choice for fencing in properties which need proper vigilance. You will see its applications in military installation, lower security prisons, private residences and offices. You can also use the Welded Wire Mesh in factories and industrial locations as the guard material to border all the heavy equipments and machineries.

Decorative Purposes

Apart from all industrial and constriction uses, the Welded Wire Mesh is also used for decorative purposes. Today, the Welded Micro Wire Mesh Manufacturers offer Welded Wire Mesh in different colour patterns and coatings and this makes it visually appealing framework for flowerbed enclosures, trellises and birdcages. It can also be used as fencing for elevating plants above ground and also shelving in closets, garden sheds, and retail stores.

These were some of the common applications and uses of Welded Wire Mesh that you will find across varied industries and also in private offices and residences.