All You Need to Know About Demister Pad

Demister Pad Specification

Demister Pad Specification – Demister Pad is also known as Mist Pad which is commonly used in the column of gas entrained mist separation that guarantees higher efficiency infiltration process. It is basically a device that is widely used for the separation of entrained liquid droplets from the gas stream. It removes the mist from gaseous stage and you will often see it fitted under the top vapor outlet of vapor-liquid separator which is also called Demister Pad Flash Drum. Let us know more about Demister Pad and its maintenance.

How Does Demister Pad Works?

As mentioned, the Demister Pad works efficiently by combining smaller droplets by hindering them in their pathway. As the pathway is obstructed it increases collisions amongst all liquid droplets and the higher number of droplets sticks together and hence bigger droplets are created and as it grows bigger the weight also increases which becomes too heavy to be transferred with the gas stream. As a result, the bigger liquid droplets drop down gradually in below pool of liquid.

The obstruction process never affects the gas stream in the path as it escapes through the top vapor outlet. This obstruction in the pathway of liquid droplets can be created with different geometrics. The Demister Pad Manufacturers also produce Demister Pad which can be vane pack, mesh type coalesces or other structure that can effectively aggregate the mist in liquid droplets which turn to be quite heavy to separate from the vapor stream.

Separating the gas in the droplets can significantly enhance the operating conditions, reduce corrosion of equipment, optimize process indicators, increase the amount of processing, and extend equipment life and recovery of valuable materials. It also protects the environment, while reducing air pollution.

What are the Highlights of Demister Pad?

Why Demister Pad is Needed?

In the chemical industry, there are a variety of processes where liquids and gas come into close contact with each other and when it happens the liquid gas will comprise a small amount of liquid particles. The liquid present in the gas can cause a variety of issues later like equipment damaging, product loss, lower efficiency and more. So, to eliminate the liquid from the gas Demister Pad is used in the separation process.

Demister Pad can mechanically separate the liquid from the gas and it can help improvise the purity of the gas and also extend the equipment service life. Demister Pad is widely used today to guarantee higher filtration efficiency, preventing equipment damaging and product loss.

Benefits of Demister Pad

These were some of the benefits of Demister Pad. Checkout with the suppliers and manufacturers to get the right fitted and best Demister Pad for the filtration process.