Copper Wire Mesh uses and applications

copper wire mesh

Copper wire mesh is one of the most important types of wire meshes that are used in various industrial purposes. A copper wire mesh is formed when the wire threads are woven together in the form of a plain weave, a twill weave or a dutch weave. These weaves are the methods used to knead the wires and bind them together to form screens or meshes. Copper wires are known for their excellent electromagnetic and thermal conduction properties. They are widely used in different industries because of their anti-corrosive nature. They are also quite flexible and have low tensile strength. There are various industries in which copper wire meshes are used because of their qualities. The copper wire meshes are divided into different types according to the style in which they are woven. This type of wire mesh is used in various industrial areas due to its great characteristics.

Some of the main characteristics of copper meshes are mentioned below.

Now that we know the characteristics of copper wire meshes let us get to understand in which industrial areas copper wire meshes are mostly used and what are their applications.

There are many other applications of copper wire measures that make them very useful in different industries. They are very cost-effective and useful products that come in various sizes and widths. Depending upon the size of the wire mesh the cost of the mesh varies as well. 

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