Applications, Materials and Weaving Technology in Wire Mesh Filters

Wire Mesh Filters

Wire Mesh Filters are the most versatile and commonly used media in the industries of surface filtrations. Micron leveled apertures are precisely and evenly distributed, offering the mesh filter a better accuracy that can filter the smallest particles in a multitude of industries and applications like rubber and plastic recuperation. These Wire Mesh Filters are woven using different weaving methods, types and materials so as to suit the demands and needs of the different applications. The most common type of weave used today by Wire Mesh Filters Manufacturers including twill Dutch and plain Dutch, of which Plain Dutch is designed for higher flow and Twill Dutch, is for finer filtration applications. Besides, there are also custom types of weaving methods used like Reverse Dutch Weave.

The most common type of material used for designing the Wire Mesh Filters is stainless steel as it has many good properties in resisting corrosions, high temperatures, and deformation. Some of the other materials which are used for designing it include copper, galvanized steel and alloy steels. The Filter Mesh Supplies also offer custom Wire Mesh Filters for special requirements like weave types, special material, shapes, and dimensions.

What are the Applications of Wire Mesh Filters?

Today, a wide variety of Wire Mesh Filters are offered by Micro Wire Mesh India and they are used for many different applications and purposes apart from simple surface filtration. These wire mesh filters are an exceedingly popular choice and adaptable product that are customized and designed in multiple specifications.

The common use and applications of Wire Mesh Filters is in industries and manufacturing units, especially in the separation and filtration process. You will also see its applications in wastewater treatment plants, juice manufacturing to reach desired pulp levels and petrochemical facilities. Some of the common industrial applications of Wire Mesh Filters are:

The Wire Mesh Filter is also used in commercial products like animal fencing and insect screens. Some of the other applications of Wire Mesh Filters are:

Different Types of Wire Mesh Filters Available

You will come across different Wire Mesh Filter Size, Shapes, types and materials, thereby creating a variety of applications. Let us have a closure look at the diverse types of Wire Mesh Filters available out there.

Based on the applications, there are different types and materials used for designing the Wire Mesh Filters to make it suitable for the desired job. The most common industrial applications in stainless steel including grade T-304 and T-316 compositions. The Grade T-304 Steel is the common type in many industrial applications because of its resilient properties and affordability. It is best known for its unique characteristics including:

Some of the other common types of materials which are used for designing Wire Mesh Filters include:

The typical Wire Mesh Filters come in 100-foot rolls with standard widths of 36 inches, 40 inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches.

Different Weaving Methods of Wire Mesh Filters

These were some of the common types of weaving that are used in designing Wire Mesh Filters. Remember the Wire Mesh Filter Price varies depending upon the weaving method and the materials that are used in designing it.