All you need to know about the welded wire mesh

welded wire mesh

A welded wire mesh is a network of wires that are weaved woven together to form a strong and durable barrier. These types of meshes are used in various industrial purposes. From agriculture to the building industry, you can find applications of Welded wire mesh everywhere. Different industries require different types of welded meshes. Thus welded wire mesh prices and types differ along these lines.

PVC welded wire mesh: To make a PVC welded wire mesh a network of galvanized iron wires is coated with fine PVC powder. The glue makes the mesh durable and corrosion-resistant. This type of welded mesh is used for fencing in offices, parks, and gardens, etc. You can choose the perfect size of wire to make a fence.

Galvanized wire mesh: When the surface of a mesh is coated with Zinc through galvanization it is called a galvanized wire mesh. Depending on how the process is carried out, there are two subdivisions of this type of mesh.

-Hot dipped galvanized welded mesh: When a wire is dipped in a tank full of molten Zinc, at a temperature of about 450°c to prevent corrosion, a dull grey coating forms over the wire. This coating of Zinc carbonate prevents corrosion. This type of mesh is used in making bird cages, making wire boxes, and much more.

Electro-galvanized welded wire mesh with square opening: When instead of dipping the wire, galvanization, is carried out using an electrolytic solution of cyanide or chloride, and electro-galvanized welded wire mesh is formed. This type of galvanization helps to make the wire anti-corrosive and strong. An electro-galvanized welded wire mesh has various infrastructural purposes like building fences and much more.

Welded stainless steel wire mesh: Industries that use high strength meshes for various purposes require stainless steel meshes. In this type, the stainless steel wires are welded together at intersections forming a steel screen. There are several applications of this type- these meshes are used in transportation purposes, in the mining industry, for horticulture purposes, and many more.

Meshes are famous. You can call them a revolutionary step towards easing industrial processes. Be it agriculture, food industry, building industry or something else welded meshes are used in bulk. Here are some properties of Welded meshes that you would want to take into account –

Meshes have made several industrial chores easy to handle. You can find these welded meshes almost everywhere. From our houses to offices to other public places, if you look carefully, you are sure to find multiple welded wire meshes surrounding you.


Welded Wire meshes are a significant part of various industries. Be it construction work, food industry, horticulture or various agricultural practices, you can find wire meshes everywhere. Their anti-corrosive nature, high tensile strength, high bearability and many other qualities make them quite a perfect choice. gives you exclusive and quality wire meshes that are built with the latest technologies. You can trust Microwiremesh eyes closed as it is one of the best mesh suppliers you will find online. Because wire meshes have multiple uses, they come in various sizes and shapes. Now that you know about the different types of welded wire mesh, you can buy the perfect one for your requirement from